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The next time you have a few days off, where do you want to spend them? You could try to get a hopper seat and wait for a seat to free up or you could contact us at Military Flight Travel. We offer special discounts and affordable military travel loans so you can take a trip now and pay later. The real question is: where do you want to go?
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If you’re looking for a low price deal on your vacation package, we can help. We specialize in getting the best deals for military travel. And it’s easy to get started. First, we need you to complete our online form and provide your name and your travel information so that our travel-finance specialist can begin to search for the best options. After talking to our travel partners and creating a custom quote, our representatives will contact you with all of this information. You can decide if any of the options we’ve found works for you, and, if so, you can schedule your trip and set up financing options.

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When it’s time to pay for your trip, you have a few options. Of course, you can pay for it outright, but if that doesn’t work for you, we offer financing. Our low price guarantee lets you make payments as low as $37 per pay period. We devised our repayment plan this way to help make sure that, if you need to travel, you can, especially if something unexpected comes up.
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Low Price Guarantee

Our low price guarantee lets you make payments as low as $40 per pay period.